Sarbani Bhattacharya

Singapore based Sarbani Bhattacharya was trained in Bachelor of Fine Arts with a scholarship at the famed Rabindrabharati University in Kolkata. Her paintings show her personal feelings towards the relationship of Nature and Human nature. Portraying mostly herself in the frame, Sarbani says -'Painting for me is a way of thinking, expressing and searching the self, thus locating myself in this existing social and natural realm.'

Having had participated in several group exhibitions in many countries her first solo art exhibition was successfully presented in 2010 at the Gallery of Gnani Arts.

Sarbani's mysteriously strong affinity to amalgamate Nature and Human emotion in her paintings indeed was well received in many countries like Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, India, Philippines and international exhibitions including Affordable Art Fair in HongKong, Singapore, Art Expo Malaysia. Her paintings are popular with private collectors in Europe and Southeast Asia.Masters' comment on Sarbani's Mother n Child paintings-'Mother and child is a theme that artists have persistently engaged with throughout the history of art. At once universal in its form and appeal, the theme strikes at the very core of human relationships. The artist Sarbani is able to synthesise this theme with another symbolic theme - The Tree of Life - to suggest ideas of fertility, growth and nurture and, perhaps, a spirituality that undergirds that relationship. The simplicity of her artistic language lends the work an alluring beauty and evocative charm. This allows the work to speak to our primal emotional instincts- effectively conveying the intention of the artist.'Mr Jeffrey Say,Program Coordinator,Master of Arts (Art History)Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore2010

Homecoming 3_2021
Homecoming 3_2021, Acrylic on canvas, 45×45cm

Homecoming 2_2021
Homecoming 2_2021, Acrylic on canvas, 45×45cm

Homecoming 1_2021
Homecoming 1_2021, Acrylic on canvas, 45×45cm

Subtly substantial_2018
Subtly substantial_2018, Mixed media, 18"×18"

Oneness with nature_2017_orig
Oneness with nature_2017_orig, Acrylic on canvas, 18"×18"

Feeling Alive-II_2017_orig
Feeling Alive-II_2017_orig, Mixed media on canvas, 30"×30"

A Mothers Hug_2018_orig
A Mothers Hug_2018_orig, Acrylic and ink on canvas, 20"×24"

Vision of Wish_2015_orig
Vision of Wish_2015_orig, Acrylic and charcoal on canvas, 24"×30"

Music of the infinite-3_2015_orig
Music of the infinite-3_2015_orig, Mixed media on canvas, 12"×12"

Exhibitions and Events — Archives

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2017 Studio Fine Art gallery featured six local artists at AAF.

Faith, Love and Hope — 4 May, 2018. Charity Exhibition at Assisi Hospice, 832 Thompson Road, Singapore.

World Art Dubai — 18 to 21 April, 2018

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2021 Studio Fine Art gallery to feature six local artists at AAF 2021.


Venue: Studio


Sangeeta Charan,
Studio: 47, Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03,Halcyon 2, Singapore 577200

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