Arlyn De Jesus

"My art is fuelled by the throbbing energy of cities and the peculiarities of the people that give them their distinctive character. Old and new, cities have this irrepressible beat that keeps my creative process going."

I create paintings and ceramics that build on my fascination with and immersion in urban life. My penchant for irregular forms, blurred lines, flawed perspective, and deconstructed elements is based on my premise that experiences are very much a function of the unique processing of the human mind - that there is no absolute interpretation of anything seen and experienced.

Largely self-taught, I started my art journey through painting in 2005 after moving to Singapore from Manila. Over the last few years, I have expanded my exploration into ceramics as another form of expression. My artworks have been part of several exhibitions in Singapore and have already found their way into collectors' homes around the world.

Group Exhibitions

  • 2018: "DREAMembrance" - that spare room
  • 2016: "Sudah Makan?" - The Fullerton Hotel
  • 2015: "Mosaic: An Art Show" - The Art Loft @ Volvo
  • 2014: "Suka Hati" (Happiness in Celebration) - The Fullerton Hotel
  • 2013: "After the Summer of 1890" - The Fullerton Hotel
  • 2013: "Affordable Art Fair" - F1 Pit Building
  • 2012: "Art in the Park" - Galeri Utama Fort Canning
  • 2010: "Singapore: Fresh. Bold." Fill Your Walls/ChanHampe Galleries
  • 2013: "Breakthrough Art: Creations III - Fill Your Walls, Tanjong Pagar
  • 2013: "Singapore Dream Exhibition"- Changi General Hospital
  • 2009: "Wood Play"- Fill Your Walls, Tanjong Pagar
  • 2009: "Alfresco Art Fair"- Clifford Square
  • 2009: "Breakthrough Art: Creations I & II"- Fill Your Walls, Tanjong Pagar
  • 2009: "6 PerspectEVEs" - The Art Loft @ Volvo

Missing Sun
Missing Sun, Mixed media on canvas, 18"×24"

Handwritten, Mixed media on canvas, 30"×24"

Unplugged, Mixed media on canvas, 24"×30"

Private Lives
Private Lives, Mixed media on canvas, 24"×24"

Coolonials: Vanda Miss Joaquim
Coolonials: Vanda Miss Joaquim, Acrylic on canvas, 30×30cm

Coolonials: Hibiscus
Coolonials: Hibiscus, Acrylic on canvas, 30×30cm

Coolonials: Ginger Lily
Coolonials: Ginger Lily, Acrylic on canvas, 30×30cm

Cortado, Ceramic

Te Aro
Te Aro, Ceramic

Exhibitions and Events — Archives

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2017 Studio Fine Art gallery featured six local artists at AAF.

Faith, Love and Hope — 4 May, 2018. Charity Exhibition at Assisi Hospice, 832 Thompson Road, Singapore.

World Art Dubai — 18 to 21 April, 2018

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2021 Studio Fine Art gallery to feature six local artists at AAF 2021.


Venue: Studio


Sangeeta Charan,
Studio: 47, Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03,Halcyon 2, Singapore 577200

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