Tasneem Moochhala

Tasneem Moochhala is a Singapore based artist originally from Pakistan. Her inspiration is drawn from her travels around the world and her quest for constantly learning new mediums, and modes of executing her imagery. This has translated into a unique style which is a blend of eastern and western techniques and often 'painting' without a brush. She has studied printmaking and Chinese ink painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. She exhibits her art frequently, and her work has been commissioned and sold all around the world. A Chartered Accountant by profession, she currently works as a yoga therapist and a free lance artist in Singapore. She is also an active docent at the Singapore Art Museum.

Artist Statement

'Being an avid painter of architectural forms, the exotic mysticism surrounding historical Islamic and Mughal architecture has been the main source of inspiration for my paintings. The decorative, rhythmic, repetitive patterns, the intricately carved arches and doorways are a recurring theme in my works, locked into my subconscious, creating a myriad images which I've subsequently been translating into my works.'

moghul, The heart is the secret inside the secret_2015, Mixed media, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
The heart is the secret inside the secret_2015
Mixed media, 24"×30"
moghul, Setwide the window, let me drink the day_2015, Mixed media, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
Setwide the window, let me drink the day_2015
Mixed media, 28"×30"
moghul, Paradise garden_2017, Mixed media, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
Paradise garden_2017
Mixed media, 25"×35"

moghul, Eden_2017, Mixed media on wood, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
Mixed media on wood, 12"×8.5"
moghul, Isfahan_2017, NULL, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
moghul, Arabesque_2017, Mixed media, painting, Tasneem Moochhala
Mixed media, 25"×35"

Exhibitions and Events — Archives

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2022 SFA to feature six local artists at AAF 2022.

Art Exhibition and Sale @Studio Fine Art Gallery — 10 to 12 June, 2022


Venue: Studio

  • Team Building
  • Abstract painting
  • Mixed media painting
  • Children’s Workshop


Sangeeta Charan,
email: studiofineart14@gmail.com
Studio: 47, Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03,Halcyon 2, Singapore 577200

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